[BEWARE] Bubble Safari Cheats

As for any popular Facebook game, there are many so called cheats that require finishing survey in order to download them. All of them, with no exceptions ARE SCAMS!
Bubble Safari Cheats

How to find working hack (with no survey)?

First and foremost, you must be aware that only those variables present on clients side (your computer) are potentially changeable while those on the server side are not (changing that can lead to lawsuit, as that is school example of hacking).
There are some tools that those surveys scammers often present you as cheap alternative to buying safari coins/cash and that allows you to change variables on your side. These most famous tools are Cheat Engine and Charles Web Debugging Proxy

How does Cheat Engine work? (theoretically speaking)

This program reads any active process on your computer (Bubble Safari game too) and shows you all the data that it uses. Data important for cheating Bubble Safari are those that you want to change, most likely cash/coins. Look for the values in game and the find them stored in active game process. Change them to what ever you like and look has the in-game value changed. Finaly reopen the Facebook window and see is it working or not. Download Cheat Engine without survey here

Does Charles Proxy works?

What does it actually do is that it changes the traffic between you and the server, you could try but we were not able to make it work.

Do you have any other idea how to make this cheats work?

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Zynga Slingo Cheats

While all those cheats for facebook games with surveys are actually scams, and even if you pay the survey and download the “cheat” it will still not work. Instead there are some promotions and tricks that will give you what you want, while this is not a cheats for coins, cash or energy,  you will still get them.

Zynga Slingo Cheats

Active Promotions

30 Medals, 10 Estate cash, 10 Energy

There is currently active cross-promotion. All you need to do is to wait for a popup telling you about the promotion (ussually you need to wait a few days), and then simply playing through game boards and following the objectives will give you 30 medals. When you win medals you should go to  Hidden Chronicles and there you will get 10 Estate Cash and 10 Energy.

get 10 Unwithers

When you reach level 6. you will get 10 unwithers for free, which you can use in Farmville on your crops….


Do not do surveys for cheats, as you will get scammed!!

Slingo is one of the big companies dedicated in creating online games. It was founded more than 17. years ago and today it is a Zynga’s partner and naturally it has expanded it’s products on facebook. This partnership will, with no doubt, last a long time, as Zynga is biggest game publisher on Facebook, with milions active users and a lot of great games, such as Farmville, Zynga poker, Cityville, etc.

The partnership with Zynga and creation of a Slingo, will allow Slingo to come for new, fresh user who, on the first hand, are not attracted for the games like bingo. It should also be noted that the version of Facebook to be quite similar to the original Slingo game, with only some external elements added only and exclusively for Facebook to make it more attractive to players. So you’ll also be able to play together with your friends face, a different joker, you look overall ranking players, and also send gifts to their teammates.

The original Slingo game is a slot game. It was fairly popular (both online and offline) and milions of people have tried it. Slingo is mix between bingo and slot’s. First players draw the numbers through slot machines and then the numbers are used on the bingo sheet.

Rich Sawel, Zynga Slingo manager, stated that the Slingo is one of the earliest and most respected online gaming on the Internet and are proud of what will now allow its users full gaming experiance.

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BEWARE of Tetris Battle Cheats

You must be very careful while  looking for Tetris Battle hack, many of those so called “cheat” are actually only a survey scam, here you can download all those tools for free with no surveys.

Ninja Warz Cheats

Here are working and not working cheats for Tetris Battle that I have managed to find:

Tetris Battle Cheat engine  – not working

This is old “cheat” for Facebook’s and other online games. Truth is that it is working only on offline games and not on all of them. This popular cheating program changes game variables into the value you want, while it is possible to change those values locally (on your computer) it is not possible to change them on server (where those variables are located) and that is the reason why this is not working. Download it for free on official site.

Fiddler 2/Charles  - not working

These Web Proxies (actually sniffers) are recording all your ingoing/outgoing internet traffic and changing the game variables before sending it back to the server. While this looks alluring in theory, in practice this is not working. All Facebook applications (and games) are now mandatory to use HTTPS protocol and thus all traffic that facebook generates is encrypted. Second reason why this is not working is that you need to change these values manually in microseconds  :)

Charles Web Proxy – official site

Fiddler 2 – official site

Now you can convince yourself that Cheat Engine, Fiddler 2, Charles etc. are not working :)

YOUR SKILLS – working

only what you can do to make your rank better is to train your skills better, check this page and find out what  tricks you do not know in this “simple” game…

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Play Edgeworld on Facebook or Google+ ?

Althrough your skills will decide for your rankings, choosing to play Edgeworld either on the Facebook or on Google+ is important because of  next:

I have choosen to play on Google Plus, why? Because I find the user interface of G+ to be more effective and not so heavy

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Ravenskye City cheats

Ravenskye city cheats comes from developers of Ravenwood Fair a popular game on Facebook. In this game your mission is to build the city. Along the way, you can take several missions with friends and cleaning of screws and other debris so that you can build a great city of the clouds. When you create structures loot special items by clearing out the debris from around the area. Garnish with the city for several items and make some extra money for farming.

Building Your New City

In this game you have to create several options to choose from. The buildings are required parts to be filled, but you can get the bulk of this by clearing the area around where you want to put the structure. Other parts are obtained from Facebook friends to play the game Ravenskye Many missions in the city to build different structures as a workshop or a house. Let’s start by building their adventure base camp and then start building the new city.

Place roads and other structures to obtain a beautiful city. You can find all the buildings under construction with more menus available when you start to level up in the city of Ravenskye. As you play, you will need to restore some parts of the city. During the game you will learn more about Ravensky city from the notes that appear at regular intervals, giving the game a good story, the feel and not just random construction and clearing of debris. Add a building for your city adds to the story with each quest is based on the last. Try to follow the quests as they appear instead of just random construction. Read the story elements in the game store under “story” tab when you collect them.

One of the most important tasks you need to do to Ravensky City is cleaning various stones, vines and other structures, so you have room to build your new city. As you remove debris, you get the elements of the coins, experience and loot, such as wood. You also need energy to remove debris that is recharged slowly, while you play. For more energy quick visit to Facebook friends, or buy a little more in-store Ravenskye City.

Energy is found under the “special”, tab but cost game cash to purchase. The best way to get energy is simply to visit friends and send them gifts of energy. Monsters called “blight” may appear as cleaning the debris that is needed to stop and battle them.

In the Ravenskye City you’ll collect different objects while clearing the debris. Some of these items are in the collections found are in the Ravenskye city. Click the tab to see the collections which are under “Storage” tab on the main interface. Once you complete a collection, you can go to get your reward. The game has many collections at the time, but this should change as it develops. The city also Ravenskye can pick up “patches” that are the rewards for completing certain tasks, such as registration or get a ranking of the city.

When you clear debris you’ll find monsters that scare your people. Building structures called totems to clear a radius around major buildings and keep the monsters at bay. Totems require coins, wood and stone. Find wood and stone for the removal of debris around your new city. Create new totems when you have money and resources in key places in your city. Let’s start building the “battle Newt” totem.

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Ninja Warz Cheats

Are you someone who is completely in love with Ninja Warz and you would like to make sure that you will get to go through the game easily? Do you still need a lot more Karma in order to have your ninjas trained and in order to also buy weapons? I think that you would certainly appreciate an easier way to do all of these than just spend hours on end in front of your computer. In the following minutes you will be let in on a guide that will help you get through all of this hassle and make your ninjas the best they can be in a short period of time.
Ninja Warz Cheats

Effective Ninja Warz Cheat

A vital aspect of the game Ninja Warz regards leveling up. Upon doing so you will receive Karma points which you can use in order to access certain relic and of course, better and more powerful weapons. So, if this is what you are looking for, then below you will find some tips to help you out with it.
I have used this cheats and I managed to get to level 40 in just 21 days. Check it out:

Cheat set number 1:

  1. In order to make your Ninjas more powerful and get Karmas, you need to advertise your Referral.
  2. You must use 1 ninja and battle with him until he gets a black belt.
  3. Next you should do the same with your other ninjas.
  4. If you get five ninjas to have a black belt, you will receive an award.

Cheat set number 2

Two ways of getting more gold and Karma

  1. So, when you will log in, just click on the fat guy when he is radiating. The fact you see his radiance and click on it means that he has a surprise for you. After that, you only need to click on “claim reward” and you can get one, two, three, four, five, six, seven…Karma or you will get a lot of gold.
  2. If you will delve into clicking Golden Clouds, the result will be the same. Yet how do you find them? Well, you will only need to wait for them and not just any clouds, but the golden one.

Cheats number 3: Get Karma in a unique way

To get Karma easily, just make sure you will follow the steps below:

  1. First, you have to create a random Facebook or Twitter account (I recommend Facebook)
  2. Get your referral link and sign up to Ninja Warz with your existing Facebook or Twitter account.
  3. After logging in, choose your ninja clan.
  4. Now all you need to do is login back with your first game account and you will get five extra Karmas.

Ninja Warz is a very fun game and I bet that everyone who has played it or will ever play it will be delighted to know that using such simple cheats can get them a long way in a very short timeframe. So just try them on and see the difference!

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Uberstrike cheats

With almost 800k montly active users Uberstrike is one of the most popular FPS on Facebook. With more kills you get more EXP to spend on new weapons or on customizing your ingame character.

When you look for working Uberstrike cheats you must be familiar with some facts.

What cheats are working

If common cheats (those from console era) would work for Uberstrike (or any other MMO), that would be unfair  towards those players who don’t use them. So developers have not puted any Uber Strike cheats intentionally, BUT there are some working glitches from which you can benefit greatly. For some free credits, which you can later spend on new weapons, you should carefully watch the Hot Deals and Earn Free Credits in the upper part of screen for some great deals!

Hidden room in Temple of the Raven map

This hidden room glitch must be done fast or it will not work. Get on the third floor where you can see a bird, shoot the bird and it’s eyes will switch on. After that quickly (must be done quickly or else this cheat wont work) go to the ground room and shoot on the two hanging birds, their eyes will start to light too.  At the moment you have shoot the second bird you will instatly be transported uderwater. Rotate quickly 180 degrees and you will see big black box that is actually a portal, enter in it and you will be in secret room.

Uberstrike Speed Hack

This hack increases your speed in game by a few times! So it makes you hard to be shoot and you can travel over maps very fast, BUT this hack is illegal to use and players who were using it have been banned from the game. So if you want to continue playing this game, don’t use this hack!

Do you know any other cheat or glitch, please share it with us (in the comments below)

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Kingdoms of Camelot cheats

If you are looking for unlimited gems (someone said free gems?!), gold, ore or any other resources in this game then look no further. We have tested them all Kingdoms of Camelot hack and know which of them are working and which are not. And yes, all cheats on this site are for free download (no surveys here :) ) so you can test them personally for free.

  1. Cheats that DON’T work
  2. Cheats that WORK!

Cheats that DON’T work

Cheat Engine cheats

Cheat engine is an application created for changing game varibables locally. That means that, although it will change number of gems, gold, wood (or any other game resource) and it will be shown in game, all the changes will be temporarly and local, only changed on your computer and not on server. Because all the values are located on the server, this cheat does not work. If you want to try it for you own then look here for explanation how it should work (no surveys here, just clean downloads).

Charles Web proxy

This cheat by it’s methology is closely related to hacker “man-in-middle” attack. While conected to the game server (game opened and runing in Facebook) Charles Web proxy would change values that you send to server, so for example if you would click buy 300 gold and before that value (300 gold) is sent to server Charles WebProxy would act as “midlle man” and change the value from 300 to let’s say 9.999 gold, but unfortunately this is not feasible,. As we said earlier all game values are stored on server-side, while client site sends players interactions (not values at all) to server. This so-called hack is just created to trick you on surveys, either way here you can download it for free and test it if you want.

Survey cheats

All those cheats that require you finish the surveys are 99% scam, even if there are testemonials it should not convice you that cheats are working. Do surveys on your own responsibility!

Cheats that WORK!

There are a few greasemonkey script for Mozilla Firefox (you need to use that browser for this cheat to work) that will alow you to expand your Kingdom faster than other players, script are free for download.

Kingdoms of Camelot Attack helper

Kingdoms of Camelot Attack helper will give you allow you to auto-attack, auto-train, auto-gold, remote attack and more. For full info how to use it look here KOC Attack helper

More greasemonkey scripts

There are more greasemonkey scripts, for full info how to use it, look here Kingdoms of Camelot scripts


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KOC scripts

There are few scripts that will make your Kingdom to develop faster and easier (even while you are asleep).  All these scripts use Greasemonkey addon for Firefox, so obviously you will need these two first.

How to use scripts

Before you can start using any script Kingdoms of Camelot you must finish some steps:

  1. First download latest version of Firefox and after you have downloaded it, install it
  2. now start it and go to Greasemonkey and click on “Download Now” button
  3. while ruinning Firefox, open any of the following download links to download scripts (these scripts don’t work on other browsers and without Greasemonkey)

What scripts there are

Kingdoms of Camelot Attack helper

This helps you in farming, it also remembers who did you atatack and how many troops (and where) you sent. Full explanation can be founded here Kingdoms of Camelot Attack helper

Kingdoms of Camelot Power Bot

Best srcipt there is with many useful functions. Read more on KOC Power Bot.

Kingdoms of Camelot Power Tools

is another popular script that helps in troop training, it can search and find the misted cities, Barb camps, wilds and it also gives you details about your city, very east to use. Read more on KOC Power Tools


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Edgeworld cheats

If you want to use Edgeworld hack to get unlimited gas, energy, crystal or even uranium then look no further, you have come to the right place to read that there are no working cheat that will give you something for nothing, all those “survey cheats” are always a scam and that includes also Cheat engines and Charles. But there are some Edgeworld tips that will help you to get resources easier (even with no risk at all), continue reading to see it for yourself.

Only Cheats That Are Working

All risks in following Faction base vulnerabilities are minimal and if you play it by instructions you might not have losses at all and get resources up to 60.000 and experience up to 6.000 XP per one attack.

if you find these tips useful please Like and Google+ this page

Edgeworld cheats

Helio Legion, Level 19

Attack the base from the north as there is weak defence there. You will need Specters (Specters at level 1 are enough) and you will have no losses at all. Drop your units to the far-north. When you have destroyed two tesla’s, two reactors, one barracks and one staging area you should retreat momentarily. Gains: 4800 Uranium and 1024 XP

Erazi Syndicate, Level 25

Attack the Erazi Syndicate base from the South-west. Warp in 3 rhinos to the far South/South-West that will allow you to drop more units (few Specters, hornets and marines) close to the defence (teslas and turrets). In this attack you will have some losses, but when you count in gains you will profit from this attack you will benefit a lot! Gains: 1.600+ XP and between 45.600 and 85.000 energy.

Erazi Syndicate, Level 31

You should attack these base from the east and with this attack you can destroy Command Center. After succesful destruction you will complete mission “Erazi Spaceport” and get 6.000 XP and 50.000 energy

Maar Confederacy, Level 50

Approach the base from the South-East and the North-West, using the Specters properly will allow you to destroy all 6 Tesla towers with no losses. Also you can destroy 5 out from 6 X-1 Canons witn no losses if you warp in correct place (train this). Gains: more than 3.800 XP

Helio Legion, Level 50

This attack can be performed with no losses. Attack the base from the North. Reactor should be destroyed with Specters. You can use another strategy in this Faction mission, strategy is: Send two rhinos (rhinos should be at least level 14). At the moment they are attacked by defence towers, warp-in a raider to the north corner and destroy reactor. Then warp-in the Specters and let them attack the reactor. Using these second strategy will destroy some of your attack force. Gains: between 30.000 and 60.000 Uranium

Erazi Syndicate, Level 100

Drop in your Specters at the North-West between two rocks. They will with no losses destroy three teslas on the West/North-West corner. Gains: 3,762 XP.

Helio Legion, Level 150

North corner is poorly defended. With Specters you can destroy two barracks easily. Gains: 1,300 XP

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