Car Town Cheat Engine

Tune and style your most wanted trucks and cars! Car Town game is one of the best car game available on Facebook. It takes all advantages of social networking to make gaming experience a lot fun. You can call your friends and go with them on road trip to some exotic location, Las Vegas for example. If you are not driving or street racing with racers from around the globe, you can hire your friends to work in your service and so increase yours service profit to higher level. Did I mention that you can fully style and tune your car according to your desires, but it is surely a great game!

Well, you have stumbled on this page looking for cheat the game using Car Town Cheat Engine. Cheat Engine is kind of program that changes values of active processes in your computer, if Car Town’s process has value of coins in your computer’s memory , Cheat Engine can change it in any value you want, so Car Town hack becomes possible. But unfortunately there is a small glitch it only works in current session. It means that changed values won’t be changed on server, and that upon starting Car Town again all changes will be lost, but that doesn’t mean that you can play a little, right?!
This is what you need for this to work:

1. Download, install and start Cheat Engine and then log in into Car Town account;
2. In the upper left corner, below the menu is a computer icon, click on it.
3. After you have clicked on it find Firefox.exe. In the Cheat Engine interface, now find the image which looks like a computer together with a magnifying glass and click it. Now there should be “plugin.container.exe”;
4. Now you need to Challenge a friend just for a “practice run”, and it won’t be practice run just continue reading :D;
5. Click Scan so you can enter the score what you are going for (most likely 99999);
6. Log in to Car Town, and do Practice Again but wait and don’t race yet. Now important part comes. Enter into the score value box in the Cheat Engine to 0 (where you have already entered 999999) and then execute a new scan;
7. On the left side there is a icon, double click on it, now it will lower the box.Now you need to change the last value.
8. Start again Car Town and begin racing with your friend. You must be careful to don’t lose the race, and when you win it you will have the score you have entered into Cheat Engine (up to 99999)

Download cheat engine here
Good Luck :)

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