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Car Town Cheats

Car Town is the latest game to hit the popular social networking site, facebook. The game is developed by CIE Games and is pretty much simple and straight forward, yet very addictive. The game lets the players earn money/points by performing jobs or taking on challenges. The game lets you do pretty much everything you can do in the real world with a car.
As the game gains popularity, everyone wants to get their hands on hints, tips, tricks and cheats in order to climb up the levels in the game. But most of the sites that offer so called car town cheats turn out to be fake and nothing more than spam sites. But your search for car town tips and cheats has finally brought you to the right place. We will look at some real working tips and cheats that will always help you stay one step ahead of your friends in the game.

The first rule while playing any game on facebook (be it mafia wars, Farmville or Car town) is have a good network of friends who will help you gain extra points and keep advancing further in the game. For any tip or cheat to work you need to have a good network of friends/fellow players.

Here are some cheats that will help you earn more coins and also help you buy your favorite car.

Getting More Money Out Of the Jobs:  Not many players would have noticed this, but you tend to earn about 10% extra when you collect close to the finish of a job.

Earning money through items: Load up your shop with functional items, like the foosball & air hockey tables. They take up little space and help make whole lot of money. They are also a safe bet because unlike the jobs, where in you tend to lose the coins if not collected here you don’t lose them instead just stop earning coins until you collect them.

Salvage truck cheat: Here is a neat trick that you can try, whenever you find a special truck to salvage, post it to your wall and then go to your own profile page and click the link that you posted. However, this cheat/trick may not work always.

Getting Bonus points: Here’s what you need to do, during a race when you’re shifting gears, hit shift precisely when your car hits the redline point. If you do it right you’ll get double the points. Mastering this cheat requires lot of practice.

Doing the right job at right time: You tend to earn money at a faster rate by doing the short jobs as compared to long jobs. You can do the long Jobs such as bullet proofing or a wing/hydraulics installs when you are away from your computer for extended periods of time e.g sleeping, going to work/school etc.

So, now that you have read and understood these neat secrets about the game, its time to start applying them and leveling up.
P.S. Also there is no free McLaren F1 cheat. Stay away from such bogus sites which promise to help get a McLaren F1. The only way you can claim/get one is to play the game and reach the higher levels.

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Car Town hack

Do you want to hack CarTown game and get unlimited amounts of coins and points, and beat your friends instantly. Well you have for sure founded many so called “hacks” for downloading, but with a survey. They all are just scams, don’t do the surveys because the “hack” is just a worthless piece of software, and often it contains a virus.

Where to find working CarTown hack?

CarTown hack

Well there are no 100% working hack, but you could only try to hack it using Cheat Engine. You can find full explanation for it here (Car Town cheat engine). But be warned, it is possible (small possibility though) that your Facebook account will be banned. If you hack the game using Cheat engine all the changes that you have done will be lost after starting new session because changes are not saved on the server.

Once again don’t do f*ckn surveys just to download car town hack tool because you will be scammed, if you come across on surveys for downloading Cheat Engine or Charles remember that here are the last versions of Cheat Engine 6.0 for FREE download, and Charles for FREE download.

Programs needed for this to work:


1. Start the Cheat Engine and open Facebook and then start Car Town game;
2. Left click on the computer in Cheat Engine and find Chrome.exe (or Firefox.exe, or IE.exe). Now click on the icon in the left part of Cheat Engine (it looks like the reading glass) Select it and then permit hack to make changes to active computer processes;
3. Call your friend to a race;
4. Push the scan button and then enter the value you are going for, value here represents race points you gonna get (probably 9.999 :D );
5. In Car Town opened window, go to practice and wait until you change one more thing. Modify the score value container in the Cheat Engine to 0 (it is that box from the last step where you have putted 9.999) and then execute a new scan in the CE;
6. Click on the latest value there is, type in desired race points, then again click on the tiny box;
7. Now just start a friendly race and beat the hell out of your friends :D


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Car Town Cheat Engine

Tune and style your most wanted trucks and cars! Car Town game is one of the best car game available on Facebook. It takes all advantages of social networking to make gaming experience a lot fun. You can call your friends and go with them on road trip to some exotic location, Las Vegas for example. If you are not driving or street racing with racers from around the globe, you can hire your friends to work in your service and so increase yours service profit to higher level. Did I mention that you can fully style and tune your car according to your desires, but it is surely a great game!

Well, you have stumbled on this page looking for cheat the game using Car Town Cheat Engine. Cheat Engine is kind of program that changes values of active processes in your computer, if Car Town’s process has value of coins in your computer’s memory , Cheat Engine can change it in any value you want, so Car Town hack becomes possible. But unfortunately there is a small glitch it only works in current session. It means that changed values won’t be changed on server, and that upon starting Car Town again all changes will be lost, but that doesn’t mean that you can play a little, right?!
This is what you need for this to work:

1. Download, install and start Cheat Engine and then log in into Car Town account;
2. In the upper left corner, below the menu is a computer icon, click on it.
3. After you have clicked on it find Firefox.exe. In the Cheat Engine interface, now find the image which looks like a computer together with a magnifying glass and click it. Now there should be “plugin.container.exe”;
4. Now you need to Challenge a friend just for a “practice run”, and it won’t be practice run just continue reading :D;
5. Click Scan so you can enter the score what you are going for (most likely 99999);
6. Log in to Car Town, and do Practice Again but wait and don’t race yet. Now important part comes. Enter into the score value box in the Cheat Engine to 0 (where you have already entered 999999) and then execute a new scan;
7. On the left side there is a icon, double click on it, now it will lower the box.Now you need to change the last value.
8. Start again Car Town and begin racing with your friend. You must be careful to don’t lose the race, and when you win it you will have the score you have entered into Cheat Engine (up to 99999)

Download cheat engine here
Good Luck :)

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