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Uberstrike cheats

With almost 800k montly active users Uberstrike is one of the most popular FPS on Facebook. With more kills you get more EXP to spend on new weapons or on customizing your ingame character.

When you look for working Uberstrike cheats you must be familiar with some facts.

What cheats are working

If common cheats (those from console era) would work for Uberstrike (or any other MMO), that would be unfair  towards those players who don’t use them. So developers have not puted any Uber Strike cheats intentionally, BUT there are some working glitches from which you can benefit greatly. For some free credits, which you can later spend on new weapons, you should carefully watch the Hot Deals and Earn Free Credits in the upper part of screen for some great deals!

Hidden room in Temple of the Raven map

This hidden room glitch must be done fast or it will not work. Get on the third floor where you can see a bird, shoot the bird and it’s eyes will switch on. After that quickly (must be done quickly or else this cheat wont work) go to the ground room and shoot on the two hanging birds, their eyes will start to light too.  At the moment you have shoot the second bird you will instatly be transported uderwater. Rotate quickly 180 degrees and you will see big black box that is actually a portal, enter in it and you will be in secret room.

Uberstrike Speed Hack

This hack increases your speed in game by a few times! So it makes you hard to be shoot and you can travel over maps very fast, BUT this hack is illegal to use and players who were using it have been banned from the game. So if you want to continue playing this game, don’t use this hack!

Do you know any other cheat or glitch, please share it with us (in the comments below)

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