CityVille cheats

Which CityVille cheats actually work?

CityVille cheats nowadays are very highly searched keyword on google and other search engines since the launch of CityVille. Since then, countless so called hacks and cheats have been spreading like like mushrooms after rain, but unfortunately, many of them do NOT work at all.

We have looked deeply at all those available cheats, and have taken only the ones that are still working.

All these hacks and cheats have been tested personally by me – continue reading for more information!

Quick look at Contents

1)    Cheat: Automatic Robots and Bots
2)    Cheat: Cheating and Hacking CityVille…

Automatic Robots and Bots –  Play CityVille while you sleep :D

Robots and Bots, are a type of program that reliefs you from playing CityVille, because they play it the game for you, so you even go sleeping the bot will continue playing it for you. The bots are programmed to seed plants, harvest them, pick rents, deliver stores to your business, and do anything else you do in CityVille. Go to sleep and wake up with all tasks full field.

The idea definitely great, you will only need to leave computer and Internet on, and the bot will do all the tasks for you. Bots will help you do all kinds of wonders – and yes, the only thing we need to do is administering our city growth into a true, one of a kind metropolis.

Does it *REALLY* work that way, then?

Well, as I am a curious by nature, I tried bots that I’ve managed to find on net.

There is one bot that couldn’t start on my computer (Win7 64bit btw), the other one could do only half of things what it should do. On some I didn’t like user interfaces, being really complicated and with no or bad explanation. There is one bot I liked especially, because it is simple to use and has all the options you need.

Conclusion: Although bots kills the game experience, it will help you a lot in your city expansion while you are not on your computer. It is available for download here – CityVille Bot.

Cheating and Hacking Cityville… that will give you loads of coins, just finish the simple survey :D (no, no survey here, pls. continue reading)

Many players of CityVille come to a point when they feel angry because not having plenty these:

Surely that is one of main reasons why there are millions of people that are trying to find CityVille Cheats, that is your reason also right?

Actually, I was there too, as I did not know there are much easier ways to get all of those. Anyway, till now you have probably tried CityVille hack that is using a piece of software titled “Charles”. When I was a young CityVille player, I have also tried using “Charles” to trick CityVille, but I’ve failed.

What was a result? I have lost 3 days in figuring how to get “Charles” working, and finally I gave up. It turned to be very complicated for me to use it.

Conclusion: I am probably not a genius (yes dad you were right), so Charles is not for “geniuses”. Besides that, Zynga has started to find and ban players who cheat (the ones using Charles). One of my friends who managed to learn to use Charles has not yet been banned from CityVille, but he says that he is not greedy and that he only uses a portion of coins, so what’s the point in portions?! Anyway, if you think that you are smarter than me then here is latest version of Charles for download.

Cheating with Cheat engine allows you to change any of the variables (including energy, cash, coins ….), and it actually works! Unfortunately only during the active session, this means that variables you have changed locally won’t be changed on server but only on your, client side. Tool for this is called cheat engine, you can find full explanation for it here – CityVille cheat engine



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