KOC scripts

There are few scripts that will make your Kingdom to develop faster and easier (even while you are asleep).  All these scripts use Greasemonkey addon for Firefox, so obviously you will need these two first.

How to use scripts

Before you can start using any script Kingdoms of Camelot you must finish some steps:

  1. First download latest version of Firefox and after you have downloaded it, install it
  2. now start it and go to Greasemonkey and click on “Download Now” button
  3. while ruinning Firefox, open any of the following download links to download scripts (these scripts don’t work on other browsers and without Greasemonkey)

What scripts there are

Kingdoms of Camelot Attack helper

This helps you in farming, it also remembers who did you atatack and how many troops (and where) you sent. Full explanation can be founded here Kingdoms of Camelot Attack helper

Kingdoms of Camelot Power Bot

Best srcipt there is with many useful functions. Read more on KOC Power Bot.

Kingdoms of Camelot Power Tools

is another popular script that helps in troop training, it can search and find the misted cities, Barb camps, wilds and it also gives you details about your city, very east to use. Read more on KOC Power Tools


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